Briana DeJesus: I’m Worried About Jenelle Evans’ Safety! Get Her Back on MTV!

Remember when Briana DeJesus and Jenelle Evans used to be friends?

That was back when Jenelle hadn’t pushed away almost every single person who was ever nice to her.

For several seasons, Teen Mom 2 consisted of Jenelle, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer, and Chelsea Houska.

In the beginning, all the girls were friendly, but as time went on, Jenelle became the odd mom out.

This happened for many reasons, but basically it was because of her personality.

She kept saying snarky things about the other cast members on social media or in interviews, and she just sort of became a person none of them wanted to associate with in general.

And then MTV made the decision to add Briana, one of the moms from the short-lived Teen Mom 3, to the cast to shake things up a bit.

Then Briana started dating Javi Marroquin, Kailyn’s ex-husband, and since Kailyn was so tight with Leah and Chelsea, none of them offered her a very warm welcome to the show.

Except, of course, Jenelle, who had already become mortal enemies with Kailyn.

Does this all sound complicated and dumb and ridiculous?

Of course it is. But that’s how Jenelle and Briana became friends.

Their friendship lasted for a bit, but when Jenelle was fired from the show last year after David killed her dog — sort of the straw that broke the camel’s back for the crew — they started drifting apart.

They even had a falling out last August when Briana said in an interview that she didn’t think MTV would be bringing her back on the show.

At the time, she said she’d received a text from Jenelle uninviting her from her makeup brand launch party (LOL) because she can’t trust her anymore.

But now that we’re just a few short days away from the season premiere of Teen Mom 2, Briana is doing some promotional interviews, and in one she did with Hollywood Life, she was asked about her former (???) friend.

And the first thing she said about her was that she thinks she should be hired back.

“She was on Teen Mom 2 for a long time,” she said. “She kind of made the show what it is today.”

To be fair, this is the same kind of thing she’s been saying — during the interview that upset Jenelle, she only said that she didn’t think that MTV would bring her back, not that she thought they shouldn’t.

Thankfully, Briana acknowledged the reason she was fired in the first place by saying “It’s unfortunate with the events that, you know, transpired.”

She also touched on Jenelle’s truly toxic marriage.

“I just hope she has a safe life,” she said. “And I hope, you know, she’s OK.”

As for the state of their friendship now, she revealed “Sometimes we comment on each other’s Instagram Stories, but we don’t talk as much as we used to.”

That makes sense, because it seems like Jenelle doesn’t talk to anyone as much as she used to — she’s no longer friends with Tori, who had been around for years, and she also lost some friends a couple of months ago after David pistol-whipped one of them and she still defended him.

But Briana wants us all to know that even though Jenelle’s no longer on Teen Mom 2, it’s still “definitely a sh-t show.”

“There are definitely a lot of ups and downs,” she explained. “You’ll see a lot of breaking points.”

And as for her own segments, she said “There’s definitely a lot of growth going on.”

“There are a lot of things that I didn’t think I would have done. But I did as far as, you know, buying a new home, having a conversation — a difficult conversation — with Luis and Devoin to discuss our co-parenting.”

We’re confident that even without the absolute mess that is Jenelle’s life, there will be plenty of drama this season.

We also hope that Jenelle sees this and considers what a good friend she could have in Briana, but we kind of doubt that one.

Luísa Neves
Luísa Neves
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